Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Day Out

Who knew that one of the best antique shops ever existed right in downtown Idaho Falls?

Yesterday, Evan and I went to the Trackside Mall, a 3 story antique shop full of anything and everything. Jewlery, furniture, coins, dishes, decoratives, movies, collectibles (which is a huuuge category), purses, wallets, lighters, some clothes, i mean EVERYTHING. We took about 2 hours altogether walking through all 3 of the levels. One of our purchases we chose right off; one of my favorite comedies that could not even be rented cos our Hollywood Video doesnt have it,
Johnny Dangerously
I've been telling Evan about it ever since we were engaged but could never find it, and we take 3 steps into this place and there is a copy of it sitting right on top of a shelf of movies for $3, but then turned out being 50% off. So I payed $1.50 for an absolute perfect condition of one of my favorite movies!

So, as we continued our journeyings, There were at least 10 things that I was so sure I would choose as my one thing to take home (ps, so much effort to keep it at only one thing...) There were 2 vintage purses, some cute little coin purses, a beautiful wallet, an awesome skirt, a vintage cream long trench coat, a few rings, a couple mismatched but still awesome vintage drinking glasses, this picture of a sail boat made out of string...and maybe a few more. But, as we circled around the main floor one last time, we saw this set of drinking glasses that we hadnt seen before (I think they had just been brought in...cos I dont know how we would have missed them) It was an 11 piece set, 10 drinking glasses and a pitcher. We have always kind of wanted just one set of matching glasses, rather than our random collection of plastic, small mug, big mug, goblet cups. So, that was what we finally decided on. As the check out lady said, "So 50's"


  1. i TOTALLY want to go to this place. i'll come out there one weekend and we must go!

  2. I wanna go to this antique place! Please... lets go together soon! Gotta love antiques!