Tuesday, April 20, 2010


just wanted to quickly say;
I CANNOT FREAKING STAND STUPID BF/GF who post all over their crap that they have the best {significant other} ever, and have all of their profile pictures images of them kissing. it makes me throw up in my mouth.
I KNOW that at one point Evan and I were only boyfriend and girlfriend...
But even on the Book of Face, we didnt even put ourselves as "in a relationship" until we were freaking engaged. not because we were embarrassed or didnt want people to know, it was because we didnt need to declare to the entire world how amazing and great our relationship was. WE ALREADY KNEW....we didnt have to convince everyone else! ahhhhh. seriously, the moment your "about you" section starts mentioning that {blah blah blah} is the most fantastic boyfriend, and he is your "bestie" (oh what a disgusting word) and you "love him soo soo much!!!" I automatically assume that you are writing this in attempt to convince yourself, because if you had never said so, i never would have questioned it. and also, i hate you.

RANT courtesty of TNay.


  1. oh how i love you, tiffany! it really is gross how people gush on there... like it proves something. and it is kind of like people oversharing about being a mom... ugh