Sunday, April 4, 2010

no butter, no pastries, and no sugar!

For anyone who is not a part of evan's family...the title is just a movie quote.

But, it is related to the point of this post.
Evan and I have always made an effort to eat healthy,
we only eat whole grain bread,
dont buy products containing hydrogenated oils (trans fat)
eat a variety of foods,
dont drink soda,
that type of stuff.
However, we have recently (last week) decided to also cut something out of our diet: sugar.
Now, I am aware that many foods have naturally occuring sugars; we will still be eating those, keeping fruit for more of a dessert food. But as far as candy, cookies, cake, ice cream, (the obvious) we are not going to be eating those. not that we do very often anyway, but even the once-in-a-while-ward-function dessert fest will be excluded. We are also paying attention to the sugar content of things such as cereal, yogurt, even lunch meat.
I am very excited about this! i take it as a challenge to find delicious desserts and snacks that contain are nutrition filled and, now, sugar-less.
I have been exploring different food for quite a while now, something that Evan's mom is proud of us for.
Some things that I have randomly researched, bought, and cooked are:
homemade hummus
homemade pita bread
the spice "cumin"
and, most recently, (thanks to a friend) quinoa

much time can pass while I sit with my google searchbar and find healthy recipes with nutrient rich, natural foods.
Last night I made a great vegetable turkey chili verde, which turned out better than the applesauce muffins i had made yesterday morning. my half of the muffins werent so bad, with the occasional raisin for a bit of sweetness, but that is more than can be said for evan's half, since he doesnt like raisins.
This morning for Easter breakfast we had apple cinnamon french toast, a recipe which i made yesterday, let sit in the fridge for 8 hours, and then baked this morning. it wasnt the most amazing recipe, but i think for only 3 tbl of honey and the natural sugar in apple rings, it was pretty impressive!
I have not managed to take a picture of all of my new food adventures, but I do have a few

This was the vegetable curry with mango chutney
The first helping wasnt too great for evan, since i didnt even realize that it was only vegetables. and, if you know evan very well, you know that that didnt even touch his appetite. however, once we added some rice (and evan some chicken) i thought it was pretty delicious.

This is the french toast dish from this morning. looks pretty weird lol but its crustless bread on top, and underneath was torn up pieces of bread, dried apple rings, and lots and lots of egg whites.

This is the quinoa dish i made today! definitely a new favorite...sooo delicious.
Evan just put some sriacha on it (of course) and ate it like a salsa with tortilla chips. I warmed up some flour tortillas and put them in that. Very good and oh so healthy!

Hope everyone had a good Easter, (despite the inches of snow for us here in the Burg)

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  1. Hi Tiffany! Tali is out visiting me and mentioned your blog, and I was like, "Tiffany has a blog?" So, I tracked it down. Your cooking looks good...(if only I knew what "chutney" was). Also, I've been meaning to tell you that I didn't realize that you made a guess on our baby guessing contest 2009. By the time you guessed, I had already printed out all the guesses... Sorry! Guess earlier this time!