Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the [edited] soap box.

*I have observed that the most followed blogs that I know of include a picture with every post. thought that was interesting :]

**My desire to not offend people came back after a night's sleep.
my soap box post pretty much said this:

I believe that natural birth should be looked into much, much more than it is.
Women should do more research about birthing and what all goes on, and shouldn't just accept the way of epidurals, petocin, etc.
just EDUCATE YOURSELVES! its disgusting that most women do more research for new phone plans, car purchases, home buying, etc than they do about having a baby.
and please watch "the business of being born" on instant play on netflix, if it is available to you.
even if its just to show you other options!
Show more belief in yourself. Women's bodies were made to give birth. Even if you "don't like pain", the experience can be beautiful for many women, pain and all. Don't give up so easily without even considering other options.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

post secret.

I think that POST SECRET is beautiful.

I'm pretty sure that I have always known about it, but I have only just now gone through slideshows of different ones and read through them.

Something about me that drives Evan crazy:
I love when [media] makes me cry.
movies, music, books, etc.
(no, post secret did not make me cry...yet)
I think that it must be our different childhoods.
Evan only likes comedies, and kids movies. (for real.)
He rarely reads, but if he does its more like a mystery type of thing,
vs. me, who loves dramas, and I love reading about "depressing" things, like suicide, eating disorders, cutting, abuse.
Evan didnt experience any of these things;
I did.
so I think it must be a comfort thing or something...
being able to feel the hurt of those things, but through other people's words and experiences, so I dont necessarily have to confront my own.
(I have had therapy...I am healthy. dont be alarmed)
is this making sense?
anyway, the purpose of that is to explain why I love this Post Secret.
I am also a big art fan,
and seeing how these people combine images with their secrets is just beautiful to me. The whole thing represents their secret, their feelings. Its beautiful and heartbreaking.
I really just enjoy FEELING. strong emotions, whether they're "sad" or "happy".
I like experiencing emotion. Again, I think its just linked to my childhood.
I spent a lot of it ignoring my emotions, concealing them.
So its a great feeling to me to feel strongly about something. In fact, thats how I judge books and movies. at different times in my life, I have enjoyed viewing:
Cinderella Man
7 pounds
Where the Wild Things Are
Life is Beautiful
American History X
Lost and Delirious
V for Vendetta

I found all of these movies heartbreaking, and I loved it. I cried in each one.
I think it is great that so many people have found a way to be heard and feel loved.
I think I might make my own postcard someday.