Tuesday, August 31, 2010

health rant.

Stupid freaking lobbyists!
makers of disgusting, toxic, poisonous food.

I know I work at freaking Taco Bell. I know that because these disgusting types of food that America makes, I have a job. But it still disgusts me that things are this way.

Okay. I absolutely believe in Agency. (I'd think this is obvious.)
I believe that people must make decisions for themselves, including and
especially food and health decisions. I know that it is up to each individual to
decide what they will and will not eat or drink, and how active they want to be.

HOWEVER. That does not freaking mean that the government, and these companies of such disgusting food can just be like, "well, we make this, and advertise the shizzzz out of it to you and alllll of the children in America, and use our lobbyists to keep good food out of schools, and make horrible absolutely UNhealthy food seem healthy to an uneducated person because of the wording we use, but, its up to YOU. YOU can choose not to eat it."

really? really. Just like the argument I've heard when parents say that they want their children to make their own decision about religion, they dont want to influence them in any way.
WELL, if you REALLY want your kid to make an EDUCATED decision, your child needs to be taught BOTH sides. And I know, and you know, that they are going to be taught DAMN well what Satan's side of it is. Do you really think that if YOU dont teach your child the truth, and good virtues, that they're going to learn it anywhere else? well guess what, they're NOT.

Yes, General Mills cereal is made with "whole grains" (That's what the G is on the cereal, right? ugh). well, guess what...the number one ingredient (listed first, as in it has the highest percentage out of allll the ingredients) is still SUGAR. And those stupid "sensible solution" things on labels? SO many of those products are still made with hydrogenated oils! Just because a package of Ritz crackers doesnt have AS MUCH fat, oil, salt, etc as a bag of potato chips hardly makes it a "sensible solution." Wanna know what the definition of "sensible" is?

Chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit
I can guarantee that those Ritz crackers are NOT going to be of benefit to your body!

And those STUPID high fructose corn syrup commercials, trying to make it sound like its not bad. Yeah, I'm sure that if people ACTUALLY used it in moderation, it might not be so bad. But guess what? They DON'T. Its in just about every freaking thing on the grocery shelves! THAT'S A BAD THING!

Have you guys seen Bedtime Stories?
I know it was supposed to be humorous and stuff the way Courtney Cox Arquette's character fed her kids...but I am pretty much planning on my kids getting to grade school without ever having eaten a marshmallow or fast food hamburger.

Whole food is GOOD.
I can absolutely no longer understand the logic behind putting such disgusting, poisonous, overly processed foods into our bodies, and ESPECIALLY into our CHILDREN'S bodies.

I don't even care anymore if I seem extreme about it. Because I know of people who would still be shocked at MY diet. I am just so disgusted with America and our obesity rate, especially in kids, and how normal it is to be fat!
(yeah, celebrities are still thin, but when you walk down the street you KNOW its pretty darn common for the majority of people to be FAT.)
I seriously, seriously would put in my vote for being allowed to refuse to sell fast food to morbidly obese people, same way you have to refuse alcohol to someone who's drank too much.
(not that I think ANYONE should be eating fast food, but if you cant even walk because you weigh so much, I feel pretty confident that you have had MORE than your share of gross food!)

Gosh, lets just be HEALTHY! PLEEEASE!!!
and not eat garbage! remember how the whole reason we're here is to gain a body?
Well some people are hurting their bodies with their food choices just as much or more so than people who drink and/or smoke.

I'm done. I seriously feel like I could go on forever.


  1. Have you watched Super Size Me? you probably have.... but just in case you haven't, please do!!!! I can't remember the last time I ate fast food :)

  2. I'm stuck in the horrible point of parenthood where my child only eats chicken nuggets, mac & cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches. And it can't be any that I make from scratch either. So I try to make sure breakfast and dinner are good meals (although she's now refusing to eat breakfast altogether), and allow lunch to be junk food (though I DO try to get her to eat healthier things along with). Luckily Patrick loves carrots and tomatoes. You'd think with how much she runs around she'd be hungry all the time.

    I think Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution is really enlightening. I was planning on packing my kids' lunches anyway (hopefully Erin will have outgrown the only-chicken-nuggets thing by the time she's in school!), but that solidified it.