Monday, August 30, 2010

chop :)

Once upon a time, I had really short hair:

Then it progressively got longer. I recently cut it.
However, it just isnt enough!
Isn't it funny when you look back on having a certain feeling,
and think "how could I have ever felt that way?"
then, when it comes back, you're like "what the heck, first, how did I NOT feel
that way, and second how did I forget what it felt like?"
[if this isnt making sense, relate it to being hungry, then eating thanksgiving dinner,
starving the next day.]

I, however, am not feeling feelings in relation to food.
I am feeling the need to CHOP THE HAIR OOOFFFFFFFFFF.
annnddd,,.it shall be happening in a mere few hours.
I shall show you soon!!!

ta da!


  1. you are so brave! can't wait to see pics.

  2. wow- so short and CUTE! you are much braver than i will EVER be. getting bangs is about as brave as i go these days!