Sunday, October 24, 2010

The longer I go without writing, the harder it is to decide what to write about.
Darn those vicious cycles.

6 weeks from yesterday will be mine and Evan's
and we will be celebrating it while on a

cannot wait.

I am VERY excited for Halloween! and for those who don't know, in Mormonville,
Halloween is never on a Sunday. If its on a Sunday, we decide to celebrate it on Saturday instead. Being a Utahan myself, I am quite used to this. But I am learning that it isn't normal for everyone.
Anyway, because of this, I get to wear my costume twice! I work Saturday AND Sunday night, and both are "Halloween" :)

I am continually loving my job more and more, Evan is enjoying being a little house-husband. We're working hard to look awesome by the time the cruise comes around. (who knew it was possible to have ABS?!)

We're finally making some more friends in this semester's version of the ward. Speaking of which, we signed on for another year at our current residence, solely BECAUSE of the ward. I love it too much to leave!

I am quite unsure who even reads this...but I am sorry for the lack of interesting things. Perhaps someday (hopefully soon) I will get the courage/strength/lack of laziness to yet again write about things that actually do plague my thoughts.
I am up for suggestions though :)

hope all is well <3

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