Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11,
ANOTHER picture of me and my friends
So, I know that this is technically my mom,
but since our relationship is QUITE different than the normal mother-daughter thing,
I am going to say it counts as a picture of me and a friend.

I don't think many of you know the history, (I also doubt many of you care all that much)
but to keep it short, I hardly had any type of relationship with my mom between the ages of
11 and 18. And it took until well into my 19th year before I'd say we had an actual "relationship."
But, now we do, and though there were many rough years, she is an amazing, loving woman,
and I would not trade out those difficult years for anything since it means having the
relationship that we have now.
Every time I spend time with her, I learn more and more about this person that I never quite knew. I never knew how like her I am!
She is living proof to me that Christ's atonement is real, and that no matter what you have gone through, if you just turn your life over to God, you will find happiness and peace.
I love this woman very, very much! As a mother AND a friend :)

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