Friday, November 12, 2010

day 12;
how I found out about blogs, & why i started one.

Well, technically my first blog was a Xanga account back in my sophomore year of high school (even before MySpace, wow!) I actually don't think I ever officially got rid of it? and I found out about that via my "first love" it wasn't even a relationship filled with lust or anything, but I was quite sure I was head over heels!
THEN, I had another blogger blog during my 2 semesters of college, but deleted that one to create THIS one after I got married. and I think I started it to have a semi-diary, to try and track our lives, plus other people can read it too! and I actually do enjoy writing. (I don't think I'd ever be capable of writing a publishable version of my own memoir though...goooo sister in law!)

We are going to Utah for a faux-thanksgiving with my family, because having it together on real thanksgiving isn't the most convenient for most of us. I am hoping to continue blogging, since I am doing a daily questionnaire thing, but if I dont, I'll probably post them all on Tuesday but date them for the corresponding dates...or else it will bug me!

Also, I heard some of this talk while I was driving to work the other day and it has helped improve my last few days :)
Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. ha ha, thanks! it will probably amount to nothing, but i'm having fun! and i'm so impressed that you're posting so often.