Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 13-
"a letter to someone who has hurt me recently" thanks. is that really blog appropriate? I don't know maybe I'm weirdly private or something! But I did write letters-that-were-never-sent to my parents (Dad and step-mom) while I was doing counseling and it really was helpful! So, if any of you have anger or hurt toward someone that you KNOW you will never be able to discuss things with, I would highly recommend writing a letter explaining everything, even if you never send it.

So Evan and I are in Utah right now. The drive last night was sooooo much better than I think it ever has been! NO CONSTRUCTION! Last time we came, oh my was at least 75% construction. Which means pretty much all of the drive in the Utah part, had road work going on. (amazingly, now that its over, the roads look EXACTLY THE SAME...)

My little niece is now a little over 3 months and is sooooo happy and smiley! I will definitely be posting some pictures soon. She is so adorable!
(sorry this post is pretty pointless...but I'm committed to finishing this 30 day thing!)

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  1. agreed...not blog appropriate haha!! but i love your blog background!