Wednesday, November 24, 2010

day 24-
a letter to my parents...

"sorry" I won't be seeing any of you for thanksgiving.

ahh! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!
So how my job works is; I work 50 hours a week. 5 days, each 10 hour shifts.
But, I get paid Holidays! Which means, I am only working 40 hours this week, because even though we are closed on Thanksgiving, it gets counted that I worked 10 hours that day.
Pretty sweet, yeah?!

I found some healthy recipes for Green Bean Casserole, and a pumpkin pie.
I'll let you know if they turn out...I'm hoping!
I really hope that when we have kids and I am in charge of our own dinner, I can manage to make Thanksgiving not such a huge change from our normal way of eating.
(I even MORE nervous about Halloween ahhhh)

I'm so glad we went to Utah for that faux-giving when we did. We never would have made it to Utah this week if we'd wanted to! I reeallly hope any of you traveling do so SAFELY!

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