Sunday, November 28, 2010

day 27/28

Why am I doing this 30 day challenge?
I had definitely hit a blogging rut, as I had written.
Then, my cousin posted that she was going to do this, and listed the questions that you're supposed to answer!
AND it was at the very end of October, so it was perfect for me to just start on the first of November, AND November happens to have 30 days, so there was a post for every day of the month!

A picture of me last year, and now, and how have I changed?
September 2009
(Me, Evan, and Denver)

Me and Evan today

1. My hair is now blonde
2. my hair is at least 7 inches shorter
3. I have swapped out pink scrubs for a pencil skirt! (haha)
4. 20ish lbs lighter
5. much happier with my job at Tbell vs. the one I had last year at the AC
6. I have a tanning pass (4 days until the cruise!!)
7. I am much closer to my mom now than I was last year
Those are the main differences I can think of!
and, to further your viewing pleasure:

(Since Evan and I can never take pictures without taking a retarded-face one)


  1. You look amazing girl! I've loved reading your posts even though you are getting worn out:)

  2. oh. my. goodness. little hottie!!! seriously, you can pull off that hair like no other. thought of you guys on thanksgiving :)

  3. k... found you in blog land! stoked. also, pic #3 is the best

  4. BTW, you look AWESOME in the picture comparison! Go you.