Saturday, November 6, 2010

day 6

my favorite superhero:

now, I know that this question is most likely applying to the
version of superhero's...but I am going to broaden to the all good guy category.
Which makes my favorite:

Mr. Harry James Potter himself.
I don't care how dorky or childish it sounds,
I LOVE the Harry Potter books.
(notice the book part. don't even talk to me about the movies.)

I think those books are absolutely wonderful and they are definitely some of my favorites. and though Harry isn't necessarily my favorite character, he makes an absolutely fabulous good guy! He is truly just a GOOD guy. If only he had the gospel...he'd be such a wonderful addition to the brethren. hahahahaha. jk. but not really...


  1. i love harry potter sooo much! i found out about the series when i was a sophomore in high school (so it's been a while...)- so only book 2 or 3 was out. after that, got the books at midnight on release date. i kinda miss doing that :( and i've reread the first 4 books at least 4 times and the last three 2 or 3... so yes, i agree :)

  2. I like some of the movies. Especially from 4 onward. I don't like Christopher Columbus's adaptations of kids books (I HATE what he did to Percy Jackson). Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book. But it's my least favorite movie.