Thursday, November 4, 2010

day four:
a habit that I wish I didn't have

I was trying to decide what in the world this would be.
Honestly, I don't know if I'm a "habit" type of person. (are there "habit" type of people ?)
I am, however, a person of routine. I have especially discovered this in the last few months.
[story time]
2 things you'll need to know for this story:
a) We usually do our main grocery shopping at Winco in Idaho Falls. When I was single I went to Albertsons, so I'm pretty comfortable there too.
b) We always go grocery shopping together, but I don't mind going by myself because I find it somehow relaxing.

So a few months ago I was going to the Walmart Super Center in I.F. because I wanted to see if I could get an appointment with the optometrist, and I decided to just do the grocery shopping while I was there. Evan didn't really feel like coming, but I was okay with that (refer back to point B) However, as I soon found out, if A and B are not put together, C does not equal a very awesome experience.
It took me 10 minutes to find the vision center (which is at the very front of the store)
Then, as I did my grocery shopping, I would look at my list, walk a few aisles and then completely forget what in the world I was looking for. I had to decide on one item and recite it in my mind until I found it. It took me an hour to do the shopping that normally would have taken me 10-15 minutes. As I checked out I bought a bottle of hand sanitizer because I felt disgusting. I couldnt find my car because I had completely forgotten which side of the parking lot I had parked in. When I finally made it (after at least 5 minutes) I put my groceries in, sat down and sanitized my hands, stick shift, and steering wheel, and starting BAWLING. I cried most of the way home.

moral of the story: I may not have "habits" per say, but I do kind of wish I could do things out of my routine without having insane panic attacks.

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