Friday, November 19, 2010

day nine and teen.
nicknames I have, and why.

I'll get the worst one over with (even though the spelling has never really been decided on)
If only I knew the reason...
and this is limited to family members ONLY...and even then is pushing it!


was one I had in high school, because my car's "name" was Edna, and it was spray painted onto the trunk. (It also had a big peace sign covering the hood) So obviously you couldn't really miss a car like that, so people knew me by my car even when they didn't really know my name.

Now I think this one is a little more difficult to explain. It made a lot of sense if you knew me in high school...
First of all, I always have and still cannot wait to be a grandma. It sounds so fun to me to be retired, get to spend as much time as I want with my husband, yet still have babies and children coming and going to play with, love, and spoil. I guess the "getting old" part is what makes no one else in the world as excited for this time of life as I am, but I'm okay with being an old lady someday. (Honestly, its that in between un-cool mid 30 mom stage that I'm a little afraid of. because no matter how cool you actually are, your kids will probably NEVER think so until they get old enough to appreciate you)
I also had a habit of calling everybody "darling", and I really liked old lady shoes and sweaters, and even wore those big gawdy pins on my sweaters sometimes.
The nickname just fit.

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  1. The first step to becoming a g-ma is becoming a mama! Crank out those babies!!!!!! jk But really, I can't wait for you two to become parents!