Monday, November 1, 2010

day one.

1. I started kindergarten a year early
2. I am a major health nut, yet I happen to be Assistant Manager at a Taco Bell. Talk about irony.
3. I have never broken a bone, or had stitches *knock on wood*
4. I LOVE to read.
5. My favorite bands are Interpol, The Shins, and Rilo Kiley.
6. I was 19 years and 2 months old when I got married.
7. Evan and I were both born in the same year in California, then both moved around age 3 to the areas that we would spend the rest of our childhood. (him, Oregon. Me, Utah.)
8. I can write upside and backwards.
9. My favorite color is gray. Even though its not really a color.
10. I love to paint. Oils are my favorite.
11. My favorite food is Sushi.
12. I am afraid of elbows touching me.
13. My least favorite thing about my job is that I cant paint my nails.
14. I have bi-polar disorder.
15. My initials are TEN


  1. 1. Apparently Ryan's laptop does NOT have that font you used, so it was in like heiroglythics writing so I had to copy and paste it into a word doc and change the font.
    2. I think I'm the most dedicated reader.
    3. you guys are so cute. I love that you got married so young. I think because when I met you I thought you were much older because of your maturity.
    4. you are a good cook....hello game night snacks!
    5. do you eat a chalupa everytime you work? lol those are my FAVE!

  2. I can't see the font either, so I'm glad Meagan posted about copying/pasting because I wouldn't have thought about that.

    Did you get this from me? lol

  3. I changed the font, I hope it works now! lol no I don't even eat Taco Bell! and Yes Brittany I got it from you :)