Monday, November 22, 2010

day twenty and two.
what makes me different from everyone else:
I can write upside, backwards, and upside/backwards combined.
I am afraid of elbows.

those are the only two things I can think of that doesn't apply to anyone I've ever met!

Blizzard warning tonight, and we already had a crazy snow storm last night!
the news says: 20 degrees, feels like 10, and the wind is worse in Rexburg than any other part of East Idaho. what a surprise!
Winter is definitely official. but boy it just makes me that much more excited to be in the Caribbean! ahhh! after a WHOLE YEAR of waiting, I just cannot believe that its really here.

a new lovely creation of evan's:
a bowl full of baby spinach
torn up pieces of deli turkey breast
a little bit of Parmesan cheese
oil & vinegar

I also made these cookies. I am a huge fan, but I discovered from my beautifully honest friend (love you Kristina :)) that not everyone loves them as much as me!
I hope those of you in Rexburg don't die on the ice, and that those of you not in Rexburg are freaking thankful!


  1. every time it rains here (which is a lot), i think, it's not snow. i'm not in rexburg :) i miss the people like crazy but not the weather AT ALL! oh, i love what you put. we were unpacking some random box and came across one of our score sheets for dice. yeah, it was COMPLETELY written on by you and your talented handwriting abilities. i miss you

  2. hahaha that is awesome! I miss you guys sooo much. I have pictures of James on my computer but he's growing up so dang fast and now Gavin is here and we haven't even met him! can't wait to live in Oregon near you guys. Hopefully only another year or so!