Saturday, November 20, 2010

day twenty
someone I would like to marry/spend my life with someday.

Well, as I'm sure every single one of you know, I am married to Evan, and I am very much planning on spending my life (and eternity) with him.

But this question does also make me think of children, whom I will someday be spending my life with, and this brings me to another topic:
Since I am saying a lot about myself during these 30 days, I feel like I should have a little disclaimer (which I mean with all sincerity, absolutely no feelings of resentment/anger/being offended etc.) There are 2 major things going on (or not going on) in my life that, if looked at generally, don't exactly match up with what it seems like I should be doing, that I might be taking easy way outs or something. Its been hard for me to put faith in the Lord that, although its different from what my understanding of what the Brethren have said, this is what I should be doing in my life at this time. But I trust Him that He has a better idea of what should be going on...even if the things I hope for may not get to come to pass as this point in time. This is not directed toward anyone specifically, I just thought I would mention that since I am opening up so much on here :)

ps. TWO weeks from today, where will I be?
(well technically I guess I'll be on a ship that is headed toward the Cayman Islands. still, 2 weeks?! I can't believe the entire year has gone by already!!)

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