Monday, December 13, 2010

What a lovely cruise!

isn't he so handsome? :)

cayman island's "7 mile beach"

fancy dress up night

So, as you can see,we are back!
and it was AMAZING.
so so so relaxing.
I truly did not have a care in the world!
I don't know if every cruise is like that for everyone,
but I think being in a completely different WORLD made it
really hard for me to try to remember what cold dreary Rexburg or smelly, sometimes stressful, Taco Bell was.
I had never been east of Texas, much less out of the COUNTRY.
It was so surreal being in such beautiful places!
It was such a nice getaway. soooo worth it!
(and speaking of never being East...growing up in Utah, and only living in Rexburg after leaving Utah, may I say that I haven't really been around other "races"? specifically, black people. I know it probably sounds soooo naive, but it was so crazy to see soooo many! and I mean that in a good way, it was just different from what I grew up around, or didn't grow up around... seriously, my entire schooling, there was MAYBE 15 black people from k-12. they were all HILARIOUS though. and sooo good at karaoke! anyway, I'm sure Eastern native Meagan is laughing right now...sorry I'm just a little girl from Utah! ahh!)

more pictures here,
Cruise experiences by Evan here.


  1. so jealous of you two! kurtis and i need a break away on a ship one day

  2. tiffany! you are stunning with that short hair! And yes your lover is very handsome too :) I think we had two black people in my graduating class in Prescott (where i went to high school) good thing I had a little san jose under my belt ;)

    sounds like your trip rocked. what anniversary is this? We went to Vegas for our first...blah.