Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I love reading about other churches.
the LDS church is such a tiny percentage of the religions,
but growing up in UT and now living here in the 'Burg, its kind of hard to remember that.
but honestly, after going on our cruise, (and being the only non-drinking, much less the only LDS's. I know there could have been others....but I SWEAR we were the only ones!!!) I lost a lot of faith in the rest of the world!
But its comforting to know that there are lots of other little groups and communities who "dedicate their lives" to Christ, and seek "God's plan for them".
Even if they are missing [a lot..] of key components of the true church,
I'd rather have them centering their lives around Christ and trying to better their families and communities
than, well...not doing those things...
I think its interesting that you (well, I...not sure if I can speak for everyone?) can usually tell that a religious person isn't LDS because of the way and number of times they use the name Jesus.
We (latter day saints) usually refer to Him as Christ, or the Lord. (and I think we use the name Heavenly Father more often than just "God")
But I don't think I ever realized that until I read people of different religions talking about Him.
anyway, I just think its so interesting to read about people of other faiths.
I mentioned a while ago that I have only met one person who was very dedicated to a religion other than my own, and even a year later she is still the only person I've met.
It'll be exciting to move out of the "bubble" and hopefully meet some others.
I look at learning about other religions as a way to better understand th
ose around me,
and hopefully relate to them more.
I do NOT believe that ignorance is bliss!
[though, I admit, I sometimes feel that it may be bliss when I realllly crave cookies/ice cream/taco bell/anything made by little Debbie, {yes I crave it sometimes!} but I can't bring myself to eat it, because I know how bad it is for me, but it sounds sooooo good. then I just get grumpy! then I eventually get out of it, and am once again thankful for the knowledge I have to keep my body healthy. but once in a while, it does happen]

found this picture ?
hahahahahaha! what the heck?!


  1. Ha ha, that pic is great. And now you're making me crave food that is bad for me:)
    Thank you so much for your comment, it made me so happy, like really happy. And I have to say you inspire me to be a better member of the church. I still remember some of the comments you made in relief society. And this post reminded me of that. So thanks girl.

  2. Must. Have. Oatmeal Cream pie. You're a great writer Tiffany. Love reading all your thoughts.

  3. i love reading your stuff. it still is so crazy to me (when living in ID and UT) to be in the majority of being LDS. moving to ID my junior year was PSYCHO. culture shock galore- sooo many LDS kids/people. i was so used to being in the (major) minority with my religion. majority or minority- both are good in their own way, i learned.

    i feel like sometimes we don't realize how amazing people of other denominations can be. but it's hard to get out of our own personal LDS bubble, no matter where we live. something to work on :) at least for me!