Wednesday, January 26, 2011
have you guys been there yet?
I spent a good part of my morning making a profile.
my favorite part is where you can answer FAQ, and share personal stories.
there are so many questions to choose from!
I've never really had to answer those questions in a way that a non-member would understand.
It was very interesting to think of how I would answer!
I highly recommend it.

Together with looking at some pictures that I found of myself in high school,
reading Evan's old journal (with permission!), and
having a few certain conversations recently,
I have, once again, been lead to reflect deeply about my life:
Who I've become, where I am, and where I'm going.

the verdict: I am so thankful!
Evan's journal started it. The last time he wrote in it was a few days before we got married.
The last 10 or so entries are Evan venting his frustration about my parents during our engagement. (oh trust me, he had reason!) It brought back all of the anxious feelings that were there during that time. It was soooo stressful! and just about all of it was for reasons outside of our control. All we could do was love each other and dream of the soon-to-be days when we'd be on our own, living our own life.
welll, we made it! and reading those entries, then thinking about our life together now...
I was instantly drawn onto my knees.
I love this gospel! can I say it enough? Because I don't think I can haha.
It brings me more happiness than I could EVER express in words.
and when I get into these moods, and realize how blessed I am, it makes me want to be a better person. a better wife, co-worker, ward member, visiting teacher, friend, disciple, EVERYTHING. I want to be an example in such a way that I might inspire and help people to come to Christ and want to learn of Him and His teachings, so that they can be happy too! I can't keep all of this to myself, I want to SHARE it!
[I had always considered serving a mission, and now I am pretty darn sure that I would have if I hadn't ended up getting married! I am definitely planning on going on one when we get old though. DEFINITELY!]
I am happy today. can you tell? :)

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  1. oh Tiffany! This is why I love you! You have a love for the Gospel that is so strong it makes me love it even more. You are a great friend! Don't even worry about that one, and you're and even better example.