Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RIP rat tail

sorry for the temporary leave of absence.
I got caught up in this book series and didn't even look at my blog dashboard for a whole week. (which is a long time for me!)
then with drama at work, and v-day and loving every moment with my dear husband...
lets just say blogging took a back seat.

I am just realizing that there may be some who weren't aware of something big going on in mine and Evan's lives:
the rat tail.
very controversial. but after this;

it turns out it had acquired quite the fan base.
lets just say, it may or may not make another appearance some day...


  1. I've never suspected that Evan and I would run with the same crowds. But, sometimes the things I read here make me think that we would be friends with you guys; so maybe we would run together...
    This "rat tail" business is one of those things. Awesome.