Monday, June 6, 2011

Our ward that we have loved and enjoyed for 2 1/2 years will be
next week. Its a pretty tough thing, but I guess in order to be positive about something I have no control over, I will think of it as just another end of semester, but my friends still live just a mere few hundred feet away!

In light of the split, Evan got a new calling. He seems to keep moving up, which we both (surprisingly on Evan's part) find pretty exciting.
He told me the other day after re-reading his patriarchal blessing that, "he's going to be a leader someday". that sure made me smile. I'm so proud of him and how faithful he is in each and every calling he ever receives.

Our next vacation has officially been planned:
We will be attending Aquafest, a fun summer celebration where Evan's aunt lives.
Aaaand, since I have officially passed my 1 year at old T-bell, I get to be paid while on vacation! ahh how lovely that is! I already love my job, and the benefits sure don't hurt :)

Evan and I decided to run the 5k event at aquafest, and have been "training" for it. (I put that in quotes, because I when I hear training, I think marathon. Its kind of sad to me that I have to work myself up to run 3.1 miles!) Also, as a little preliminary, we decided to run a 5k that's happening right in Rexburg a few weeks before we head to Washington.

I'm pretty excited that summer finally seems to be here! We went on a bike ride last night at 10 and it was a perfectly lovely summer night. I'm thinking we will be investing in some bikes of our own pretty darn soon, because last night was just wayyy too much fun!

Though posts are pretty far and few between these days, it doesn't mean anybody is missing out on much. This is all of the exciting stuff I've thought to write about since my last post, that's how eventful our cute little lives are! :)