Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Waterpark.

Today was my day off, and I was sooo ready for it!
The weather has FINALLY reached its summer peak.
(85 degrees? yes, kind of pathetic, but I'll take it!)
I woke up, went to a work meeting, then spent alll day with Evan just enjoying the weather!
We went running across town, then came home and switched into our swimming gear and headed to Rexburg's new water park!
The whole thing is smaller than our entire apartment complex, and it really is a sad excuse for a water park, but just like the 85 degree weather...I'll take it!
We cruised the lazy river, soaked up the sun, then I read and Evan napped.
Then we came home, cleaned our house together, and now are going to make ourselves some dinner, a la our newest adaption of eating habits.
We aren't doing much of anything for the 4th of July, but we're okay with that because the week after Evan's semester ends, (like, three weeks! yay!) we'll be heading to that vacation in Washington! SO excited.
I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend, even if its kind of lame like ours, haha!

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  1. sounds like paradise to me. I wish you snapped some pics of this "water park". I am dying to sneak a peak. And Tiffany, that swimsuit--I LOVE it. Where can I snag one of those?