Friday, August 19, 2011

High on a Mountain Top

This past weekend Evan and I joined 2 of our closest friends for (our first) camping trip.
We went to Meadow Lake, near the ghost mining town Gilmore, in the Lemhi mountain range.
It was super beautiful up there.
We explored an old mining cave:

Conquered the ghost town by moonlight (I say conquered because we did make it back alive...but I was absolutely terrified!)

Then after a nice snuggly night's rest (all 4 of us slept in a 2 man tent, haha)
we went for a little hike.
I really don't think we had a definite plan of how far we'd take the hike, we just knew we wanted to go up.
A little preface: I have mentioned before that until the most recent years of my life, I have never enjoyed exercising. This would most definitely include hiking. I DESPISED it, would whine all through any girls camp hike, no matter how steep or mellow it was.
But, given recent lifestyle changes (ie getting my butt into shape!) I was quite excited for this adventure. It felt good to be able to take the mountain as it came, and approx. 1 1/2 hours later be like, "whoa. I'm on top of a mountain, aren't I?"
okay, we definitely decided at one point long before we made it there that we were going to aim for the top of a certain mountain, but as far as my body was concerned, it didn't really need any preparation. It was a great work out, but I didn't feel like I was going to die or anything. In some ways, it really did seem as though I was all of the sudden 10,500 feet above sea level, and my body didn't even seem phased.
May I add, it was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life.
I never, ever would claim to be a 'nature lover', (is there such thing among allergy sufferers?) but being on the top of a mountain, looking out at the world, feeling like my fingertips could touch the was absolutely incredible. The world was so beautiful; the sky perfectly blue, trees all around, a glittering blue lake below, cool air to breathe. (and, no allergy symptoms!)
It also made me feel so thankful for my body, and how amazing it is. Even the simple (but actually pretty complex) ability to balance, that my body knows to throw my right arm out if my body's falling left. That my own two legs could get me on top of a mountain to experience so many of God's incredible creations, to know that I am also one of those creations. I was so grateful for the simple things in my life, especially a healthy body that can be taken care of with simple foods that the Earth gives to us.This is us after we climbed back down. The little white arrow at the top is pointing to the peak where we had just sat and ate our lunch.

I would highly recommend going hiking :)

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