Saturday, October 29, 2011

Reasons why I very well could be an old woman in a 22 year old body:

1. I have already found the haircut and color that I will have for the rest of my life. (I'm pretty sure this decision usually isn't made until someone is at least 40)
2. (thanks to Evan) NPR is one of the programmed stations in my car
3. I know what maybe 1 or 2 of the movies at the movie theater are
4. I look at kids 17 and under and think "you seriously are wearing/doing your hair/make up like that??" or, a similar thought, "how did your parents let you out of your house like that?!"
5. My personal music/listening choices are sometimes instrumental music, hymns, or conference talks
6. Loud, bass thumping music in the car gives me a headache

Other things that make me realize that I am now an adult, but don't qualify me as an "old woman" (these things don't necessarily apply to everybody, they're just things that as an adolescent I never thought I'd actually do/achieve):
-I enjoy listening to talks in sacrament, haha
-I often think, "I just don't understand kids these days."
-Black-dyed swoop hair is NOT attractive on guys. Nor is eyeliner, piercings, or girl pants. You seriously just look like a moron.
-Playing board games with good friends is more fun than going to a dance party.
-I no longer "need" to know what people around me are talking about. (was definitely a weakness of mine, I'd get so curious) Depending on who it is, I can pretty much guarantee that it's gross and/or inappropriate, and I'd rather not know.
-I'd rather risk being considered more "prudish" than I actually am than lower my standards of conversation to come across as "cool" or "relate-able"

On a completely different note, it seems that many people are confused on a certain subject; as a professional, please let me clear this up:
drive thru's are for people in a hurry. if you have time to sit at my menu board for over a minute, you have time to walk your lazy butt inside and get an order to go!!!

Thank you.


  1. I must be old then too. lol

    And for your last note, that's precisely why I never go through the drive through. I NEVER know what I want.

  2. Hahaha! favorite post yet! You are just mature and that is just awesome. I wish I could focus on one hair style for one year, haha. Miss you!