Saturday, August 25, 2012

teetering on the socially unwelcome.

So, in order to share some things about what is going on in mine and Evan's life, I first must ask a question. I welcome answers from anyone and everyone who stumbles upon this post:

Is it appropriate to discuss personal finances?

Not only considering this format (my blog), I am also curious what people think about it in any format. 
 Now, obviously, it will probably always be inappropriate to share salary details, (unless it is a very personal setting) for legal reasons. 
But as far as personal approaches to finances, debt details, bank account that too taboo?

My thoughts:
Being religious, money has, in my mind, often been related to "worldly" things, especially when it is used inappropriately. It has the ability to do things to people, such as change the way they act to others, or cause some to sacrifice important things for selfish reasons. It's incredible to me the power it holds over some people. We all know of the lengths some may go to get money: excessive gambling, embezzling, sex trafficking, drug dealing/transporting, even murder. For money! To me, I just can't even imagine. Also, there are so many more important things to me than money. However, even for some people who would never consider doing those extreme things for money, it still holds an important place in their lives. Talking about this with Evan, he supposes that it may be more of a man thing (to be concerned about money) simply because (in our culture) it is more of the man's responsibility to make sure the family succeeds financially, so I can understand that.  

About a year ago, Evan and I watched this video. Herb Goldberg mentions that there are many people in society who are willing to talk about their sex lives before their money situation. I really had never thought much about the taboo that surrounds money and personal finances, but it really is true! It seems that hardly anyone would be willing to share how much is in their savings account if they were asked, or at least not without some hesitation. Why? Why does money have to be such a secret? I feel that by keeping it secret only adds to the power it can have over things/people. If you act like it's a big deal, it will continue to be one. 

Now, these are my thoughts. I am very curious to hear your thoughts as well. Then, depending on responses, I will know if I should expound on what Evan and I are up to. Because (surprise!) it has to do with money, but I don't want to be open unless people are interested/willing to read. If I had only strangers reading my blog, I honestly wouldn't hesitate, but I don't want to weird out people that I actually know, haha! Oh, the blessings of anonymity on the internet. 

Anyway, please! I am ASKING for you to share your opinion. Get on your soapbox, if necessary!


  1. You know how open the Jensens are, both about money and our sex life. So you probably wouldn't be surprised that my answer is: go for it.

    Besides: your blog, your rules. If people don't want to read it, they wont.

  2. Justin and I won't give anyone an exact amount but we give an estimation just because it fluctuates so much and we are also unsure as to how the other person will react. It doesn't really bother us but we are usually a little hesitant because we are unsure as to how others will react. We both do our best to save money and enjoy talking about finances and how to save money or invest it. :D Go for it. :D

  3. It also really depends on the situation you share that kind of information in and how you go about it. If you're sharing financial information to show off or make someone feel bad than that's that not right. But If it's to offer hope or advice then I think it's perfectly acceptable.

  4. Honesty about finances makes people feel uncomfortable. For instance. When I tell you that I have $14 to my name...that puts you in an awkward situation that can lead to a series of questions such as:
    Is she asking for money?
    Should I not invite her to do things that will cost a lot?
    How can she afford to get that?
    I know that they own that so how could they be so poor?
    She works full time and doesn't have any kids...where's the money going?

    The list goes on and on. I guess it just depends on who you talk to. My take is that you can never make assumptions about peoples wealth or lack thereof. If they are willing to talk about it, great! But you have to be willing to not treat them differently based on the answers.