Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Results of the 7 Week Challenge

Today my seven weeks ended. I do have a before and after picture to share, but I will first divulge my feelings on this past seven weeks.

First of all, I technically didn't succeed. I do not have a six pack. HOWEVER, I did manage to do all of the things I had listed that I was going to do, for the whole 7 weeks. I believe that if I had been more hardcore about my workouts, I might have a solid 4 pack or something...but, I wanted to make a change that I could maintain for life, and super intense workouts is not something I would keep up on. So, I'm not bummed! I'm really proud of myself for doing all of my mini goals for the duration of the challenge.
I definitely feel like tracking my calories (every.single.one!) has helped me IMMENSELY in learning how much my body needs, and what real portions look like. I think I'll still record them once in a while to make sure I'm not straying from what my body needs, but I feel confident that for the time being I can continue eating well without tracking everything. 
Eating clean wasn't too hard since vegetables are so low calorie, and in order to feel full regularly (I like that feeling...trying to learn when to stop at the 3/4 mark, but it's a work in progress) I incorporated as many as I could into my meals. I did have a "cheat" day almost each week, but I tried to keep those as a-few-extra-calories (via healthier foods) type day vs. super-crappy-food-that's-going-to-make-me-feel-awful day.
I DID stay away from dairy ice cream! and only indulged in store bought plant-based ice cream once. That makes me feel good!
I felt great with my increase of water. Drinking the liter in the morning definitely helps keep me...regular. I guess different people see different changes, I know that my sister sees a significant change in how hydrated her skin feels. Another thing that I noticed was that if I felt hungry, but drank water and waited 10-15 minutes, about half of the time I didn't feel hungry anymore! Apparently the signals your body sends for dehydration is about the same as for hunger. Interesting! 
I continue to enjoy my uphill and 6-7 mile walks. I am now listening to The Prisoner of Azkaban, and get really let down when I don't have time to go on a 2 hour walk so I can listen to it. (Seriously, those books will never get old. EVER.) I also started doing yoga this last week, and absolutely love it. I looked up poses online, followed a few sequences on youtube, and checked out a pretty basic book from the library. I've taken a few classes before, but I'm pretty sure the only ones here are at the college, and I really don't want to go to campus. I don't mind doing super basic poses at home though, because even if all I did was the breathing techniques and meditation, it would be wonderful. Yoga makes me feel so strong; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Now, for the photos. I have my official before, and official after.
Evan said in order to count, they had to be taken in the same place, same lighting, same outfit. Which completely makes sense, but it wasn't until I was taking my "after" that I realized how crappy the lighting in our bathroom is! I was kind of bummed that it wasn't looking as great as I'd hoped, so Evan told me he'd show me what I look like doing the yoga poses. That kind of cheered me up, haha. Much better lighting in our living room! So, I have some of those photos as well.



Urdhva Dhanurasana
"The Full Bridge"

"The Tree"

"Salamba Sirsasana"
I felt so awesome doing this headstand!

That is it. The post I've been thinking about every day for the last 7 weeks! It helped me stay accountable knowing that I was going to post a before/after.

More posts to come:
  • Evan's graduation, I finally got some pictures to share!


  1. Nicely done! I love your realistic approach to changing your body. And I bet, if you keep this up exactly as you did these last 7 weeks, I bet at week 12, it would be even more obvious (that tends to be a really good week to compare results).

    I missed my weekly yoga this Saturday, seeing your poses makes me want to do yoga now!

    And I think, even if you decide to eat more intuitively (without tracking calories), EVERYONE should try calorie counting, even if for a small period of time to truly realize proper portion sizes and how loaded some food items are with unhealthy, or empty calories.


    1. You are so sweet. I love your feedback. I miss our conversations so much! So I am always so happy to hear your thoughts :)