Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why EVERYONE benefits from traditional gender roles

Feminism was originally about equality between both genders, but now it has morphed into something completely different, and seems to be driven by this attitude of "we need to get revenge for all of the injustices that those awful, stinky horrible penis owners have done!" Feminism claims to empower women, but it's just trying to erase any and all terms that distinguish men and women. Apparently it's not even "politically correct" (go DIE, PC terms!!!) to say if a sports team is a WOMEN'S sports team. Well, is it made up of female players? Then ITS AN EFFING WOMEN'S sports team! But, by George, you point out the FACT that a team is made up of women, that somehow equates to belittling them, because it should simply be "a team". I doubt anyone would care if I used terms like "male nurse", "male ballet dancer", or "male cheerleader", even though it's the exact same thing-distinguishing men in these roles from the more traditionally known women who do these things. MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT. they are SUPPOSED to be different! Even if you want to keep it to the simplest, biological facts, we need BOTH genders to reproduce and keep humans in existence. But guess what?? We're not simply animals. It's NOT just about biology. The emotional, physical, and spiritual environment we are raised in has an enormous impact on shaping who we become. Men and women have been, respectively, fathers and mothers for the history of the world for a reason. yes, they are different roles, but they are equal in importance! Different doesn't mean one is better than the other! Feminism should be about celebrating the good that women inherently have, the natural inclination to care for children and those in need of comfort. Being a woman is a GREAT thing! Be proud of it! But don't go about celebrating it by putting men down as you lift yourself up.
Erasing any and all gender roles is ridiculous. Have you ever watched movies that take place 70+ years ago where a man and a woman meet each other and very quickly "fall in love" and get married?  I used to think, whoa that's crazy! They are setting themselves up for FAILURE. But do you know what? I don't think so. Think of how much potential friction in a marriage is taken away when it goes without saying who is in charge of what. The man will work the land, take care of the animals, (or get a job) and provide food and shelter for the family. The woman will make meals, do simple housework, and when the time comes, she'll care for the nurturing of the children. Really, think of all the issues in today's world that wouldn't exist if these roles were still around. 
young adults wasting an entire decade of their life- people back then were working toward something. Men knew it was their responsibility to provide for a family someday. They went out and made that happen. Women hoped to be wives and mothers, so they obtained skills that would help them. If marriage never happened, they'd continue their education. 
High rate of failed marriage-does the woman want a career? Does the couple want kids? Is the husband able/willing to provide, or is he going to waste his time playing video games? Is he going to help around the house? Who's managing the money? Questions that can 
Infidelity-obviously cheating has always been around, but at least back in the day, there weren't so many blurred lines in relationships. If you dated for a long time, it was headed toward marriage. DATES actually existed. You could date multiple people at a time, but it was simply that, dating. Going on outings to get to know different people. Not sleeping with 5 people at one time. Then, when a relationship was officially established, both parties were aware of it and both knew what that entailed. 
Fatherless children- again, yes, there have always been unwed mothers. But the HUGE majority of children were being born into families where they'd benefit from two parents who were loyal to each other. Currently, it is completely the norm for a woman to get pregnant and raise the child herself. Not only is that not ideal for the children, that is HARD WORK for the mom! 

Now, I need to make it clear. I am NOT referring to the 50's age of housewives who were expected to be perfect and worship their husbands. I am not pro misogynistic behavior! Again, going back to the and women are EQUAL. Both genders are important. Both are necessary. Both should be respected, loved and admired for their innate qualities. But denying any and all gender roles is taking away from everyone. Men, women, couples, children, families, and society as a whole all benefitted when there was at least SOME regularity in gender roles. Now, I also believe in everyone's ability to choose to do or believe whatever they like. I don't think these gender roles should be forced on anyone, because forcing ANYTHING on ANYONE is NEVER a success, no matter how pure the intent. (Prohibition? Communism? An Arian race?) so no, I'm not calling for a revolution. I'm not demanding everyone unite together and turn back society. I am actually quite simply venting, albeit longwindedly, about my frustrations with feminism, and mourning the loss of a simpler time. Because this is my blog, and I can :)

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